the idea of an alkaline free diet 

Here at you can get all informations to the alkaline diet and its requirements. It requires first a bit of effort to change your daily habbits, the own environmet and what we are willing to eat.

With this diet, you are changing to acid free food, clean your body of toxins and bad influences like flavor- or color enhancers and other artificial products.
Don't worry, after the 7 or 14 day period of your diet, you should change your weekly intake to 75% alkaline free or reduced products and 25% acid forming foods like meat or milk. There are many advantages to this diet we will explain here on our site. Dairy, eggs, meat, most grains, and processed foods, like canned and packaged snacks and convenience foods are not allowed.

alkaline or non acid forming foods are :

  • fruit and vegetables
  • herbs
  • mushrooms
  • seed and kernels
  • wallnuts, mandeln, macadamia nuts

acid forming foods are:

  • coffe and black tee (fruit, black and green tea)
  • alcoholic beverages in all forms
  • limonade
  • meat
  • fish
  • milk, milkproducts, yoghurt and cheese
  • eggs
  • all flour and wheat products
  • sugar and sweet treats
  • some nuts
  • legumes
  • vegetables like (artischokes, brussel sprouts and asparagus)

Why is it recommended to have a time out of acidic forming food?

1. This diet leads to purification and reduction of toxins with in joints and cell tissues.

Due to the reduction of acidity amd the following of specific rules, your organes have more time to break down the toxines within your body. During the diet we stop the food intake of uncooked food or fruit after 4pm. in conjunction of a movment therapy like nordic walking of gym training we see that specific diseases like inflamations or rheumatism will be reduced.

2. An acid free diet can increase the calorie consumption of your body within resting times.

An increase of calorie consumption within your down time leads to the reduction in fat cells. 

3. Because of the intake of food there is no JO JO effect to expect.

This diet follows the simple rule of normal dietary habbits and normal portion sizes. (exept from non acidic foods). The bod learns to take enegrie from stored fat reserves.